Sidewalk Repair Houston

Having Trouble Finding The Right Team For Sidewalk Repair Houston?

It isn’t a problem for Southern Concrete Raising. We raise and level concrete instead of making you buy all new sidewalks. While some companies will charge you a limb, no one can beat our prices.We give fully honest quotes on all concrete work. Give us a call or step right into our office. We’re more than happy to provide the highest quality sidewalk repair Houston.

What Will It Cost Me?

Even in average size cities, sidewalk repair can cost hundreds of thousands. This is normal due to replacement instead of concrete raising.With concrete raising, you can maintain a level surface. Usually land shifting and soil erosion make it seem like you need brand new sidewalks.If the concrete isn’t broken, it can easily be raised to the right levels. That’s what Southern Concrete Raising does! Our team has decades of experience and we would like to help you get the level sidewalk you deserve.

How Concrete Raising Works

Concrete raising is very similar to slab jacking or mud jacking. Different methods can be used though. A high quality grouting material reshapes the ground beneath.This allows for longer protection from the shifting of the land. The concrete is also raised back to it’s original position and made safe to walk on again. We always meet the requirements of our customers.Give us a call today. We love saving you money on sidewalk repair Houston.

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