Pool Deck Repair

Metro Houston’s Top Residential Pool Deck Repair Services

Your pool deck is equally important as your house. Therefore, you should take care of it as you do for your house. Several factors like shifting of soil or changing levels of moisture can cause problems to your pool deck. Some of the common problems are concrete cracking and pool decks sinking.

Professionals at Southern Concrete Raising Company can provide you with solutions for your pool deck problems. There are certain methods that Southern Concrete Raising uses to balance your pool deck. For example, our experts use methods like permeation grouting or compaction grouting solutions.

These two methods permanently balance the concrete pool deck to its original condition. Our team of qualified professionals has the experience of dealing with all the troubles with the pool deck. You can reach out to our experts in Metro Houston to get your problem solved timely.

When Should You Repair Your Pool Deck?

Southern Concrete Raising can show you the major signs to know that it’s time to get your pool deck repaired.


If you notice cracks in your pool, then it is not good news. Cracks can result in the weakening of the base of your pool. It can be a sign that the surface under your pool is moving. It can be an indication of the shifting of the ground under your pool. Unfortunately, this problem calls for a huge renovation task.

Moldy Surface

Mold growth surrounding your pool is not very unusual. No matter if your pool is in a dry area, nothing can stop mold growth. Because the area around the pool doesn’t get the drying time, and the continuous wet surface gives mold the space to grow. Though, if you notice, the mold is not going away even after a clean-up. Contact our professionals in Metro Houston to settle this issue once and for all.

Service Areas for Southern Concrete Raising in Metro Houston

Southern Concrete Raising services Metro Houston and surrounding communities, including:

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