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Metro Houston’s Top Residential Concrete Raising and Lifting Services

Are you starting to notice any uneven surfaces on your sidewalk or different cement surfaces? Well, you need to fix them immediately to avoid accidents as well as an unsightly appearance. When you find such defects, you can contact our team of professionals for concrete lifting in Metro Houston.

Why Choose Southern Concrete Raising?

Concrete lifting or raising is a repair process that helps lift the concrete back to its original position. Southern Concrete Raising offers the best services, using the necessary specialized tools to raise the concrete surfaces and even them. Get the best concrete raising services in Fort Bend County, Metro Houston.

Southern Concrete Raising’s Concrete Raising and Lifting Services

Mudjacking is a type of concrete repair that helps to raise concrete surfaces. In the process, our team of professionals uses their skills and drills the defective area. Then, these areas are filled with mud or cement slurry that are also known as filler. Different companies use different types of sand and materials. That is why you might have a little risk of trusting any company. But no worries anymore. Southern Concrete Raising Company uses the best quality materials, and our trained professionals work skillfully to prevent any risks. If you are looking for the best residential concrete raising services in Metro Houston. Southern Concrete Raising is a great option you should consider.

Service Areas for Southern Concrete Raising in Metro Houston

Southern Concrete Raising services Metro Houston and surrounding communities, including:

Southern Concrete Raising | Concrete Raising Lifting

Another type of concrete lifting and raising technique includes slab jacking. In this process, no cement or slurry is used as filler. Slab jacking includes the injection of foam on the surfaces to lift the cement. The professionals at Southern Concrete Raising use their skills to do slab jacking work perfectly. Our team of workers uses the best product to avoid risks of damage, and the surface maintains its smoothness for a long time.

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