Harris County Concrete Leveling & Raising

Top Concrete Service Provider in Harris County

Are you ready to fix the crooked or damaged concrete sidewalks, walkways, driveways, and other surfaces for your home or business? You’ve got Southern Concrete Raising of Metro Houston on your side when it comes to superior concrete leveling, raising, repair and installation services. Southern Concrete Raising will significantly improve the attractiveness, functionality and protection of your property’s concrete surfaces. Furthermore, with every concrete leveling project, Southern Concrete Raising is committed to your 100-percent satisfaction with our workmanship.

Complete Line of Concrete Services for Harris County

Southern Concrete Raising of Metro Houston provides a full range of concrete installation and repair services for Harris County residential and commercial applications:

Are You Ready to Repair Your Uneven and Damaged Concrete In Metro Houston and Harris County?

Are you worried about the impact of someone tripping and falling as a result of your damaged sidewalks and concrete on your property? Southern Concrete Raising understands that your home is most likely your most valuable asset. Southern Concrete Raising can assist if your property has suffered from soil shrinkage, compaction, or settling, causing your concrete surfaces to sink and become uneven.

Exceptional Concrete Leveling Solutions with Positive Results in Harris County

Southern Concrete Raising offers advanced material injection as a high-quality, non-invasive concrete leveling solution for all types of concrete surfaces. Southern Concrete Raising is Metro Houston’s and Harris County’s go-to residential and commercial concrete service provider. We have helped thousands of property owners in Harris County to get their concrete surfaces back to being a safe and attractive extension of their homes and businesses. Southern Concrete Raising always delivers the greatest level of quality, whether it’s a tiny concrete leveling issue or a big concrete surface restoration.

Southern Concrete Raising of Harris County provides superior concrete services:

  • Complete concrete inspection
  • Industry-leading warranties
  • Flexible financing alternatives
  • 100-percent satisfaction guarantee with our workmanship
  • Solutions that are both effective and cutting-edge.

Southern Concrete Raising is a family-owned and operated company that takes pride in offering high-quality service at a reasonable cost. Since 1995, Southern Concrete Raising has been repairing and leveling concrete in the Greater Metro Houston and Harris Country.

Service Areas for Southern Concrete Raising in Harris County and Metro Houston

Southern Concrete Raising serves Metro Houston and Harris County and the surrounding communities, including:

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