Signs Of Foundation Damage

Learn about the top 6 signs of foundation damage that your Houston home may have that needs to be addressed. Foundation damage is difficult to detect if you don’t know what to look for, as the signs are indirect when taken individually. But you should be aware of the possible signs (especially because these are very commonly found in the Houston area) as they may point to the need for foundation repair.

Weathering affects soil, and when the soil under your home is wet, it expands. In contrast, when dry spells are prevalent, it contracts. Combine the two many times over several years, and the soil underneath your home will actually cause your foundation to shift and crack, weakening what should be the strongest part of your home.

The easiest way to detect foundation damage is to look inside of your home, as the frame and the structure of your home may be telling you of weakening dimensions.

The top 6 signs of foundation damage are:

  1. Cracks in the walls, particularly around door frames and windows: If the foundation shifts, your doors and windows shift as well. If you have been noticing an increasing and widening number of cracks in the walls around them, they may be a sign of a need for foundation repair.
  2. Sticking doors and windows: If several of your doors and windows are difficult to open and close, their frames may have shifted, creating off-center slots. This is often the case with foundation damage. If these two signs are both significant in your home, they should raise the alarm.
  3. Floor issues: If your floors are uneven, or if they reveal multiple cracks in their structure between tiles or wood, this is an additional sign of foundation shifting and damage. When the floors that were once level are now bowing, you should be aware that the primary cause is often issues with the foundation.
  4. Grout breakage: If the grout between tiles in the bathrooms (or any room that has prevalent tile usage) is broken at multiple points, this is often caused by foundation damage. The grout should never crack or break unless for a significant change in your wall or floor structure. This can be one of the more obvious signs of a need for Houston foundation repair.
  5. Brick cracks: Outdoors or indoors, the same can be true of brick breakage. The mortar between bricks should not crumble easily or show evidence of significant cracks. If you begin to see separation in the brick structure, or big cracks in the mortar, or even shifting in a brick edifice, these are often signs of a more serious structural problem.
  6. Wall separation: If walls are actually uneven and moving away from each other, this is typically caused by foundation damage. The actual structure of your entire home is shifting and needs immediate foundation assessment.

The attention to home foundation damage is more important than ever, as the severe droughts throughout the state of Texas have exacerbated the frequency of need for foundation repair. Although it has been a wet summer this year, now is the time to address any ignored foundation repair signs from previous years. Damage to the foundation is not only cosmetically disturbing, but can cause serious damage to water lines and gas mains that can become major issues of emergency repair if not attended to. It may even lead to significant and sudden collapse if neglected for a lengthy time.

Fix My Slab is ready to assist with foundation problems. Our service is provided with hands-on oversight from our owner – Ty Stricklin. We have been a proud server of the greater Houston area for many years, and we are a proud recipient of an Award of Distinction from the Better Business Bureau. Please feel free to e-mail a question if you suspect foundation damage, and we’ll be sure a foundation expert answers all of your questions as soon as possible.

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