Have You Experienced Shifting Soil Texas

Shifting Soil Texas

When shifting soil Texas is happening,  it poses a threat to a home’s foundation. Coming off of the hot summer, especially in areas where there was a drought, the soil can begin to move, which can set off a series of red flags. If you notice any of the items below, your foundation made a shift, and even if it was a small shift, over time as the soil expands and contracts the problem will escalate.

Red Flags:

  • Cracks in the Wall
  • Separation of the wall and baseboards
  • Cracks around the windows or doors
  • Cracks in the tile
  • Unleveled Floors

The longer you wait to repair shifting foundation, the more costly the repairs will be. By calling Fix My Slab for a quote you can get a concrete answer regarding what your problem is, what the perfect solution is and exactly how much it will cost. Your home can lost property value and shifting walls can damage cabinets, doorways and more. Take possible foundation problems seriously by contacting us to learn more about what is happening to your property.

Besides decreasing value, when the slab shifts you can experience water and gas leak problems, plumbing issues and leaking from the roof and windows. We are a highly rated company and look forward to the chance to talk to you.

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