Fix My Slab Foundation Repair Houston BBB

Foundation Repair Houston BBB Reviews? Check Us Out!

Ty and I attended the BBB Houston Awards of Excellence last week. I’m happy to announce that we brought home the Award of Distinction for Outdoor Services. The lovely Dominique Sachse of KPRC Channel 2 emceed the event for our local foundation repair Houston BBB award.

It’s always a lot of fun to get to visit with other local business owners. You never walk away without a new idea and an appreciation of the many industries out there. In other words, there are a lot of ways to make a living. In speaking with other business owners, there is a common theme. We are all trying to make our mark by differentiating ourselves. How can I make what I do interesting? How will the customer remember Fix My Slab instead of the other guy?

I confess, at Fix My Slab, we know that foundation repair may not be everyone’s idea of the most riveting job in the world. But, guess what? It’s the most riveting job for Ty Stricklin. He has a passion for foundation repair and leveling. He actually gets a thrill from seeing brick cracks disappear. As his wife, it makes me happy to see that he has found his calling.

Having a passion for what you do may not guaranty success. However, not having a passion will guaranty that you won’t reach your potential.

We hear people call others lucky for finding careers they truly enjoy. It may be luck that helps us discover that “thing” for which we are called. But, it’s commitment, drive, curiousity, and inspiration that keep us trying for excellence.
So, congratulations to Ty and everyone at Fix My Slab. Thank you, BBB Houston!

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