Concrete Raising Causes

What Causes Concrete To Shift

Especially here in Houston, Texas, it is all too common that our driveways and pathways will start to shift around. Naturally soil erosion happens all the time due to our sub-tropical climate. Tree roots can also cause overly dry soil. This makes it even more susceptible to erosion during heavy flooding.The greater and more powerful any storm is the greater potential that it creates for soil erosion. The Houston area is always terrorized by heavy rains and flooding at unexpected times. Along with the proximity to the bay, this leaves us with a large area of rapidly shifting land.Depending on the type of soil underneath your land, your concrete can suffer from both soil erosion and expansion. Certain types of soil are likely to wash away during a storm. At the same time there are types of soil that are likely to expand during heat waves. This leads to a lot of shifting for concrete panels in Texas.

Common concrete shifting can come from:

  • Heavy Weather
  • Soil Erosion
  • High Weight Vehicles
  • Naturally Loose Soil
  • Soil Expansion

How Long Before I Need Concrete Raising

Depending on the age of your concrete’s foundation, you may start to notice an increase in the rate of depression. You could end up with your driveways, pathways and pool patios sinking in certain areas at rates up to 3 inches per year.If you start to notice a lip between concrete panels then you should have a professional come inspect them. While a small gap may not seem like much, it produces a trip hazard and liability that will only increase over time.Entire panel replacement can be a lengthy and expensive process. If you start to notice that your concrete is shifting, then don’t hesitate to call us for a free quote. Concrete raising saves you almost 70% on the costs and provides a long term solution.

The Solution For Concrete Raising Causes

Full concrete replacement can be very costly. With concrete raising you lose very little time and money with your repairs. A raising and leveling project only takes a few days at most and your concrete is ready for use. Even recently raising driveways are ready to drive on a few hours after project completion.If you see even the slightest change in the leveling of your driveways, sidewalks or pool patio’s concrete panels then give us a call. Southern Concrete Raising would be more than happy to come give you a free quote on repairs.Call (281) 255-2323 today!

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