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How Foundation Problems Effect Property Value

Foundation problems can not only be cosmetically unattractive, but they can lower property value and if not repaired,  are potentially dangerous. We know you have many options for foundation repair in Houston, and we are proud to say the Fix My Slab is the #1 company for cracked slab repair in and around Houston. Not sure […]

Causes of Foundation Movement Houston

Do you know what some of the causes of foundation movement are? Houses and other structures settle and foundations move over time. A small amount of movement is normal, but too much settling could mean your foundation has moved so much that it causes structural foundation problems. Of course, the foundation doesn’t just move on its own. […]

Best Foundation Repair Sugar Land Company?

Searching for the best foundation repair Sugar Land homeowners? What can we do for your foundation repair Sugar Land area residents? Fix My Slab can offer you an honest quote with a lifetime guarantee on repaired projects. What’s the catch? There is not a catch at all. Our foundation repair experts operate on three solid principles of […]

Free Estimates!

Estimates are free and painless. An experienced representative arrives at your home, on time. He takes comprehensive elevation readings and does a visual inspection. He prepares a repair plan, drawn to scale, noting any signs of stress or movement. After your review of the plan, he answers any questions you may have. It’s that easy!

Top Foundation Repair Companies Houston

Top Foundation Repair Companies Houston Are you searching for  the Top foundation repair companies Houston? A pier foundation lifts a house up off the ground so that the building is separated from the soil. Because there is little direct contact with the ground, moisture and termites are less of a problem than with other foundations. Piers themselves are […]

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