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How Foundation Problems Effect Property Value

Foundation problems can not only be cosmetically unattractive, but they can lower property value and if not repaired,  are potentially dangerous. We know you have many options for foundation repair in Houston, and we are proud to say the Fix My Slab is the #1 company for cracked slab repair in and around Houston. Not sure […]

Causes of Foundation Movement Houston

Do you know what some of the causes of foundation movement are? Houses and other structures settle and foundations move over time. A small amount of movement is normal, but too much settling could mean your foundation has moved so much that it causes structural foundation problems. Of course, the foundation doesn’t just move on its own. […]

Foundation Repair in Houston

Foundation Repair Houston Choosing a local foundation repair Houston area company can be tough. We completely understand! We’ve done our research, just like you have. Fix My Slab knows that making a huge choice for your home is a very important decision and process. So what do we bring to the table to help you make your […]

Choosing A Foundation Repair Company

Choosing A Foundation Repair Company Houston? Dealing with foundation problems can be stressful and it is so important to work with a company that can trust. Here are 3 things to look for when Choosing A Foundation Repair Company Houston: Great Customer Care One of the most impactful part of working with a business is the […]

Commercial Foundation Repair Houston

Commercial Foundation Repair Houston Houston is growing substantially with businesses popping up all over the place. As seasons change and building age, foundations shift and can cause problems in the slab. Choosing the right foundation repair company in Houston is a vital first step and we work hard to make sure that every person we […]

Signs Of Foundation Damage

Learn about the top 6 signs of foundation damage that your Houston home may have that needs to be addressed. Foundation damage is difficult to detect if you don’t know what to look for, as the signs are indirect when taken individually. But you should be aware of the possible signs (especially because these are very commonly […]

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